HSC Economics Workbook

The HSC Economics Workbook, 2023 Edition by Gary Liang is the must-have workbook for any Year 12 Economics student. It includes exam-style multiple choice and short reponse with worked solutions, including full explanations of each answer. The workbook is based on the syllabus, and structured by topic and subtopic, covering:

  • The Global Economy
  • Australia’s Place in the Global Economy
  • Economic Issues
  • Economic Policies and Management

Why should you buy the HSC Economics Workbook by Gary Liang?

  • Written by HSC Economics state ranker. Gary Liang achieved 99.95 ATAR and 5 state ranks, including 7th in Economics with a mark of 99/100.
  • Detailed answers and explanations. Multiple choice and short answer questions all have solutions which are explained in thorough detail, including why some answers are incorrect, in-depth calculations and alternative answers.
  • Exam-style questions. The questions and answers have been written based on the HSC Economics exams and are designed to emulate the final exam.
  • Refined in a real classroom. These questions have been tested and refined in economics classes at Keystone Education, a tuition centre where 2 out of 3 students achieved 99+ ATAR.


See table of contents and sample here.

Buy the HSC Economics Workbook by Gary Liang

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