Year 11 Functions

Algebraic techniques

Index laws and surds

Solving quadratic equations

Simplifying algebraic fractions

Introduction to functions

Introduction to functions

Definition of a relation

Function notation

Interval notation

Domain and range of a function

Graph of a function

Types of relations and functions

Odd and even functions

Sum, difference, product and quotient of functions

Composite functions

Linear functions

Graphing linear functions

Equation of a line through a point given a gradient

Equation of a line through two points

Parallel and perpendicular lines

Quadratic and cubic functions

Graphing quadratic functions

Vertex of a quadratic function

Discriminant in the graph of a quadratic function

Simultaneous linear and quadratic equations

Simple cubic functions

Further functions and relations



Absolute value of a real number

Graphing absolute value functions

Reflections of functions